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Tactical map

Game Rules/Info

  • KANIUM SUNDAY 17th OF DEC 1900 UTC “Airbase Relief ” By Apocalypse
  • Where: Kanium TS :
  • Everybody is Welcome you don’t have to belong to kanium
  • A, B, C coy commanders double as PLT commanders in their first PLT so fx A66 is also A11


Enemy forces from the 1st BN, 81st BDE are beginning their attack on the airbase to our north. They are attacking with 8x Platoons of T80U’s and 8x Platoons of BMP2’s and are reinforced with an Anti-Tank platoon and one 6-gun battery of 122mm artillery. Host-nation forces from the 51st BDE are currently defending the airfield, but only maintain a company-sized element in defense, with M-60 tanks and M113s equipped with TOW launchers. The 51st BDE are nearly out of supplies, and their morale is critically low due to heavy losses and staggered defeats within the last week. They need relief, and quickly.



Attachments and Detachments

Commander’s Evaluation


Team Kanium attacks to destroy the 1-81 BDE between Phase Line Red and Phase Line Blue in order to set conditions for a counterattack to destroy the 2-81 BDE.


Key Tasks

1. Reinforce the 51st BDE at the Airbase

2. Defeat the 1-81 BDE; prevent them from seizing the airfield

3. Attack to destroy remnants of the 1-81 BDE between Phase Line Red and Phase Line Blue

4. Prepare to pass friendly forces along Phase Line BLUE to destroy the 2-81 BDE

End State

1. Friendly forces are set on PL BLUE – prepared to pass follow-on forces

2. Enemy forces from the 1-81 are cleared between PL RED and PL BLUE

3. The airbase is retained and Phase Line BLUE is occupied


Concept of Operations

Tasks/Missions to Manoeuvre Units

Tasks/Missions to Combat Support Units

The Task Force has its own organic fires, 6x 120mm mortars.

Coordinating Instructions


Support Concept

Material and Services

1. Each Company maintains 1x Supply truck.

2. BN’s foward support platoon includes 2x additional supply trucks, 1x repair team, and 1x medical team.

Medical Evacuation and Hospitalisation


Civil-Military Cooperation

No unecessary destruction or disruption to civilian way of life



Command, Control, and Communications

Task Force: 26000

A COY: 28000

B COY: 31000

C COY: 33500


Sucession of Command: HQ-66, HQ OPS, A11, B11, C11