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By Red2112

Some of you already know me from playing SB with you, some not and hope to meet you soon. I can take orders with no issues and a beating too, was former Legioneer here in my home country Spain so my skin is cured like hog under some African sun! I like to work as a team and trust my team mates as you can´t win a war by yourself. I consider myself quite honest, that´s why Iam still poor after all these years! Sense of humor, well to much some times, and give me a coulpe of beer´s and you might fall off the chair, but I always try to be respectful with everybody! Iam always eager to learn something new, I think that´s part of life it´s self, sometimes I want to learn to many things at the same time which causes me to brain fart, but hey I then slow down a bit and go one step at a time.

Hope I can be part of this unit and help all I can. If not, then as friends as best that we can and still enjoy beeing part of your platoon on Sunday MP games as it has been so far. Over all, I enjoy the sessions with you guy´s so thumbs up which ever way it goes!

1: What game are you applying for?
Steel Beast and Arma3

2: What is your in-game name?

3: What made you decide to apply to Kanium?
Been playing some MP games with Kanium on Sundays with SB and really like the attitude of the people/unit

4: Where did you learn about us?
Steel Beast Pro

5: What other games do you play regularly?
Quite alot of wargames in general and some other sim types like flight and sub

6. What's your age? (18+ Required There are no exceptions to this. None. Don’t bother asking.)

7. Anything you would like to add to the application?
A centerfold pic :-D



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