Looking to join Kanium? If so make an application in this forum

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Hello everyone, I apologize for not applying sooner - I've been playing Steel Beasts and ArmA 3 with Kanium since May 2016 and I thought I applied at some point.

1: What game are you applying for?
ArmA 3, Steel Beasts

2: What is your in-game name?

3: What made you decide to apply to Kanium?
Recommendation from a fellow Steel Beasts player, after departing Dogs of War VU for Steel Beasts

4: Where did you learn about us?
Word of mouth from other SB players that departed Dogs of War: Assassin7 and Gunslinger

5: What other games do you play regularly?
DCS, Wargame, Call to Arms, Battle Academy (1 & 2), etc

6. What's your age? (18+ Required There are no exceptions to this. None. Don’t bother asking.)

7. Anything you would like to add to the application?
I've been enjoying my time with Kanium since May of 2016. Great group of players; very welcoming and organized.

Thank you.
What he said, except "velcome", you're not "velcome", you're "welcome" ;)

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