Kanium Sunday 20th NOV “NATO VJTF Third is the charm” mission

Game dayTime: Day one (March 19th 1200-1500)

When: Sunday 20th NOV 1900 UTC

Where: Kanium / UK armor TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 )

World Clock:World Clock



The Taurage Separatits have made an incursion in Lithuania by attacking north from the

TAURAGE area capturing Lithuanian cities. The enemy has acquired modern Russian

equipment (T72 model 2012, BMP2, BTR80) as well as old equipment (T72M, MTLB etc.)


The enemy attacking in our AOO is estimated to be an Battalion sized force consisting of 2

Tank Companies (T72 Model 2012), 1 MechInf Company (BMP2) and an Reconnaissance

company (BRDM, BMP2, T72M). The enemy BTN is supported by at least one battery of

152mm artillery and one battery of mortars. It is possible that the enemy might also have an

MLRS battery supporting them.

Enemy doesn’t possess any aerial weapons.


They managed to get INF onto the Airport Tarmac but the swift NATO counterattack cost them a lot of Tanks that means that NATO is in a position to make a counterattack unless the Udija can reinforce and hold the Airport


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