Kanium Returning To Nostalrius

Guten tag everybody,

We held a meeting regarding our return to Nostalrius. The meeting was held on November the 26th at 9:00 PM CET.

You can listen to a recording of the meeting here:

For the less informed: Nostalrius is a private vanilla WoW server that a large portion of the Kanium core used to play on before it got shut down by Blizzard through a cease and desist order. Nostalrius was hands down the most populated and best run private server out there.

But now the Nostalrius developers have decided to give Blizzard the mid-finger and gave the source code and data base to a different project where it will be re-hosted.

Nostalrius will be making it’s return in December 2016 at a project called Valkyrie that runs the Elysium servers. A good chunk of us will be playing again and thus we have decided to restart our guild and go back into Nostalrius.