Kanium going TBC!

Hello Kanes,

Kanium as a guild on the Anathema server will cease all operations as of now. We have decided to take Kanium into a more serious direction to a new upcoming TBC server where we will focus more on become a progressive raiding guild. TBC guilds operate on a smaller level size wise, that and because of the new direction we want to take we have decided to invite only our most reliable players to come with us. These players have already been informed about our intentions, thus you know who you are.

As previously stated, Kanium as a guild on the Anathema server will stop all operations so there will be no more raids/events and so forth. I’f you have not been invited with us it means you should start looking for a different guild. Kanium will launch full purge operations soon and relieve former members from their roles and forum access. Of course you are free to keep hanging around in our discord.

Now i know some of you will feel this is a bit harsh, but with our new direction and the way TBC raids work we cannot afford taking excess baggage with us. This decision wasn’t taken lightly.

More TBC related news will be posted on our Discord/forum soon for the people that are coming with us, keep an eye out on those platforms.