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Kanium EU IV MP Game #2
Happy new year!
Kanium Returning To Nostalrius
Steel Beast – Route Recce

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- Cimetar

Was just gonna check if it's worth it for me to teach out how the CV9040 IFV works to ppl if that ment we would use it in a [...]

- BilboTeabager

for now it wont be up for a while so sit tight for more informationStatistics: Posted by BilboTeabager — 24 Feb 2017 23:11 [...]

- BilboTeabager

Is going to be great, im going to make it possible to host different games in the future with high performance, it going to cost [...]

- Cimetar

Some mod suggestion.For more quality weapons then cup weapons is the HLC weapons.If you want good quality vehicles + some good w [...]

- Kingtiger

Oh a heads up regarding blood. On liberation server, to be able to give blood you need to be medic-classed. In other words when [...]

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